FIFA 19 Tells You The Odds Of Opening Packs Before you Open Them

FIFA 19 is officially here but not everyone’s pleased with the most-recent game in the FIFA franchise, and it’s all down to those pesky optional extras…

FIFA 19 allows you to purchase packs of in-game cards that correspond to different promotions that’ll be taking place in the game.

Right now the One To Watch promotion is live, with lots of FIFA players purchasing the packs to try and get themselves a One To Watch card.

The elusive cards are on the list of most of FIFA’s fan-base right now because of how dynamic they are. They can get a permanent ratings boost which will last throughout the whole season, making any One To Watch players a lot more skilled than standard playable characters.

Because the packs are basically a football version of a loot box, EA is now declaring the odds of getting different types of cards, and people aren’t happy.

It’s new Show Pack Probabilities feature shows there’s a less than 1% chance of getting yourself a One To Watch card, and people are pretty annoyed by the pretty poor odds.

Not everyone is unhappy with the packs though, with several people tweeting about their successes with the randomly-included items. Others are just not bothered about the risk they’re taking when purchasing a pack.


Have you bought any packs? What did you pull?