Final Fantasy 16 Will Hopefully Receive More Content In The Near Future, Says Devs

Despite originally announcing there were no plans for DLCs or future content for Final Fantasy 16, its devs may have had a change of heart. 

Before Final Fantasy 16 launched on June 22, the development team revealed that they had no plans for a DLC. They stated that they wanted the game to be one complete story back in May. 

Now, its producer Naoki Yoshida has somewhat updated these plans.

Final Fantasy 16 Will Hopefully Receive More Content In The Near Future

This news comes courtesy of an interview posted last week between GamerBraves, FF16 localisation director Koji Fox and Yoshida himself. 

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With the interview focusing on the difficulty of the Dread Chocobo and its similarities to Final Fantasy 6, talk soon turned to the previously shut-down DLC. 

“We now understand we’re getting feedback from players that have played the game, and lots of players want to see more, and we know that and understand that,” Yoshida says. 

“For us, we’re taking that and then thinking about our options moving forward, so hopefully, in the near future, we can have something that we give to you all.”

Fans Want More

The team is well aware of the fan’s need for more story which isn’t surprising considering Final Fantasy 16 has been a great hit so far. 

The title currently sits at a 8.3 user score on Metacritic with some players saying it is the best game of 2023. 

With lots left to explore, such as learning more about the game’s ‘lost Eikon’, Square Enix will have a lot of happy fans if they decide to release extra story content in the future. 

Although Yoshida didn’t exactly give us an exact confirmation of a DLC, knowing that they will have “something” to give us is good enough… for now. 

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