"They're still in the planning stages."

Final Fantasy Creator Has Begun Work On His Next Game

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, is currently “in the planning stages,” of his next game.

In a recent interview with IGN, Sakaguchi spoke about what he learned from playing Final Fantasy 14, a game he had nothing to do with. But interestingly, the creator of Final Fantasy did have something to say about his future in the world of game development: “They’re still in the planning stages, where we’re deciding on how the business will work and putting together contracts, so it’s not as if we’ve started on actual development, but I do think I’ll be working on something,” Sakaguchi said.

The developer has had multiple offers for new projects he’s considering. Which is why things are just in the planning stages for now. He also joked that “the more concrete those plans start to look, the more I feel like I need to play FF14 while I still can.

Credit: Mistwalker

Sakaguchi mentions this as apparently when he’s making a game, that’s all he has room for. “When I’m really involved in making a game, though, I have surprisingly little time for anything else,” he said.

I play games once I’m done making one. I played Ghost of Tsushima because the timing was just right. Once I start on a new game, I feel like playing whatever’s new when I finish… but that’s why I at least want to play through Horizon Forbidden West before starting on my next game.

Obviously because whatever he’s working on is so early in development, we can’t be certain what it might be like. Judging from his most recent title, Fantasian, it might be safe to say that a Final Fantasy inspired title is our best bet. Considering his love of FF14, it could also be more like that. But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.


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Featured Image Credit: Hironobu Sakaguchi/ GDC/ Mistwalker