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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Already Has A Ton Of Mods On PC

Final Fantasy 7 Remake hasn’t been out on PC even a week yet and there are already tonnes of mods.

Whenever the news drops that a popular console game is coming to PC you can always hear the faint cheers of modders somewhere in the distance. So it’s unsurprising that Final Fantasy 7 Remake always has a slew of mods to choose from. It is also unsurprising that a number of mods have so far been focused on improving performance. Aside from the issue that is charging £70 for the PC release, Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s port is full of issues

One mod helps to fix the stuttering issues plaguing the game making the visual experience smoother overall. Another provides an FPS boost for lower-end PCs, as well as helping with your graphics settings. And there’s also a mod that adds precise HDR lighting effects to the game.

Credit: AdventurerAdolChristin/ Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn’t just have mods for game performance though. There are already a number of outfit change mods. Including the ability to let Cloud wear prequel character Zack’s uniform. If you like you can also let Cloud take Sephiroth’s Masamune for a spin. And easily one of the best mods is switching out the Buster Sword for Scarlet’s character model. The description for this one simply says, “I mentioned it was possible and it got asked for so here it is!” 

It’s still early days for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake modding scene. There’s almost a guarantee we’ll see some real wild stuff get added. Now we just need someone to add the Kingdom Key and we’ll be set.

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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix