Final Fantasy XIV Is So Popular Square Enix Is Pausing Sales

Since the launch of Endwalker, Final Fantasy XIV has proven to be so popular that Square Enix is halting sales and ads for the game.

Were you interested in trying out Final Fantasy XIV, the hit MMO with a free trial up to level 60- you get the point. Well, if you haven’t bought it already you’re out of luck for a while.

Since Endwalker’s launch, the MMO has had difficulties with congestion issues. To the point that players were offered a free week of game time to make up for it. Now, in a blog post, producer and director Naoki Yoshida essentially said ‘Final Fantasy XIV is too popular, stop buying it.’

Credit: Square Enix

what measures are in place?

Firstly, the post says that players will get an additional 14 days of game time. This is on top of the week they had already been offered. Making it 21 free days in total, almost an entire month. Though you need to have an active subscription and own the full version of the game before December 21.

Secondly, Square Enix will be suspending sales of Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition and Complete Edition. Active subscribers will be prioritised. And Free Trial players won’t be able to login other than early in the morning or late at night. New players also temporarily won’t be able to register for the Free Trial version of the game temporarily. And to top it off, all new advertisements will be suspended as well. 

Yoshida also apologised to those who were considering purchasing the game, and for any inconvenience caused. While these are quite drastic measures, it’s clear Yoshida and the rest of the Final Fantasy XIV team are working hard at getting things operational. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon so the team can get some well deserved rest.


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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix