First Look At Fortnite’s New Weapon Reveals It Can Shoot Through Anything

Epic Games is always keeping things funky fresh in Fortnite with new items being added weekly, and its next in-game items looks like a banger.


We heard rumblings about a new Heavy Sniper coming into play a while ago now (thanks, dataminers!) but it looks like we’ve finally gotten the confirmation from Epic Games itself, along with some leaked footage of the rifle in action. 

The weapon’s official description reads: “New Epic and Legendary sniper rifle capable of dealing high damage to structures” – so you can just imagine what one of these bad boys would do to your opponents. 

Twitter user @FNBRLeaks shared a clip of the Heavy Sniper online, and you can definitely see that this rifle is an absolute behemoth. 

Check out the video for yourself if you don’t believe us! 

The user states that the gun does: “157 Damage and destroys ANY object in 1 SHOT!” making this one of the strongest guns in the entire game. 

Previous tweets from the user state that the Heavy Sniper “will be next week’s content item,” which is pretty exciting if you’re a fan of sniper rifles in the game. 

In other Fortnite news, two fan-favourite skins have returned to the game and are available to buy right now. 

The two new additions are the Raven outfit and the Jailbird outfit, and both look incredibly cool, especially if you missed out on picking these up last time they were available. 

The Raven outfit is perfect if you’re counting down the days until Halloween – even if it’s too early for you to dress up, your Fortnite counterpart definitely can get into the spirit!  

With the Raven outfit you’ll be looking suave in a feathery cloak, smart shoes, matching Iron Cage back bling and very scary/cool glowing purple eyes. The back bling is even named after Edgar Allan Poe’s iconic poem, The Raven.  

The second new costume, the Jailbird, is pretty much what it says on the tin. Giving off all those old-fashions The Sims vibes, this stripey black and white outfit is an instant classic.  

Available in both male and female versions (called ‘Scoundrel’ and ‘Rapscallion’ respectively), the only difference is the back bling. Males will get the Strongbox back bling and females will nab the Burgle Bag.  

Will you be picking up any new Fortnite goodies? 

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