The short clip first dropped at San Diego Comic-Con.

First Trailer For The Walking Dead Movie Has Finally Landed

The Walking Dead movie was first teased at Comic-Con last year, but following this year’s convention fans were finally given a glimpse at the upcoming film.

The new teaser confirms what everyone had already assumed, that Rick Grimes would be returning. 

Following his mysterious ending when it came to the TV series, fans had already built theories about how the movies would follow his story going forward.

The clip is extremely short and doesn’t give much else away, however it does make reference to the helicopter that Grimes was carried off in after being badly injured.

Content boss Scott Gimple has said that the films will explore Rick’s story going forward separate from the rest of the show’s plot lines.

Aside from that we also know the film will not be shown on AMC, at least not for a few years.

Apparently a second and third film are being lined up too, so there’s plenty more Rick to come yet. 

[Featured Image Credit: AMC]

Words By Tom Chapman.