Flappy Bird Is Back…As A Battle Royale

Remember Flappy Bird? It’s okay if you don’t, because it was as weird as it was short-lived, though it did become something of a cultural phenomenon.

Back in 2013 Flappy Bird released as a mobile game in which you played as a pixelated fish who had to avoid obstacles by tapping the screen. It was incredibly simple, very addictive, and blew up in popularity during January 2014.

Credit: Orta Therox/Em Lazer-Walker/Zach Gage

At the time, Flappy Bird ended up pulling in $50,000 USD a day – before it was removed by creator Dong Nguyen, who felt consumed with guilt over its addictive nature.

People, being the terrible creatures we are, took to selling sites like eBay to flog phones with Flappy Bird installed for stupid prices, until the phenomenon died down almost as suddenly as it popped up.

Credit: Orta Therox/Em Lazer-Walker/Zach Gage

Now Flappy Bird is back in true 2019 fashion – as a battle royale game known as Flappy Royale.

The unofficial Flappy Bird title comes courtesy of developers Orta Therox, Em Lazer-Walker and Zach Gage, and sees players face off against 99 others to see who can flap/survive the longest.

Credit: Orta Therox/Em Lazer-Walker/Zach Gage

In true battle royale style, you even jump out of a bus at the beginning of the match. Because of course you do.

Available for download at Itch.io as well as on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, Flappy Royale is guaranteed to make you tear your hair out in frustration (even if you don’t actually play it).


Fun features include customisation options for your bird, daily leaderboards and…bus crashes, which are probably less fun than the other things.

If you want to take part in the Flappy Royale then check it out on mobile or over on Itch.io [thanks, Kotaku!]

Featured Image Credit: Orta Therox/Em Lazer-Walker/Zach Gage