New Skyrim Mod Transforms The Oceans Into Stunning Environments

When it comes to the Skyrim modding community the creativity knows no bounds. We’ve come across a lot of seriously impressive mods for the Bethesda classic in our time, and the latest offering from pro modder TheBlackpixel is no different.

Deciding that the oceans in Skyrim are somewhat lacking in their design and content, TheBlackpixel decided to create what’s now called Depths of Skyrim – An Underwater Overhaul [via PCGamesN].

Credit: TheBlackpixel

The mod transforms Skyrim‘s usually dull-as-dishwater oceans into glorious new terrain, adding over a thousand fish, coral, kelp and all manner of things to discover.

The official description reads: “This mod aims to overhaul the flora, fauna and visuals under water. I always found Skyrim’s underwater environments to be rather monotone and empty, so here is my attempt at solving that issue.”

Credit: TheBlackpixel

The modder includes a list of improvements the mod offers:

“Adds new grass types, coral and giant kelp all across the Sea of Ghosts.
“Adds 1000+ fish all over the sea (no slaughterfish).
“Adds Several dozen unmarked treasures and points of interest for you to find.
“Adds coral forests teeming with life.
“Adds groups of horkers swimming across the sea.
“Fixes 100+ instances of exposed rocks
“Fixes seams in the ocean floor.”

Credit: TheBlackpixel

For those worried about frame rate and performance drop, the modder insists it’s a “negligible,” change, writing: “I recorded a framedrop of 0-1. So if you had 80 fps you will now get 79-80 frames per second.”

Sounds good to me!

Elder Scrolls 6
Credit: Bethesda

At the time of writing, the mod has seen over two thousand downloads, proving that there’s a pretty huge market for deep sea diving in Skyrim.

If you want to check out Depths of Skyrim – An Underwater Overhaul for yourself, you can download it right now via NexusMods right here.

Featured Image Credit: TheBlackpixel