Games Publisher Asked Streamer To ‘Send Nudes’ In Exchange For Access

Video games publisher Flynn’s Arcade is under fire for asking a streamer to ‘send nudes’ in exchange for coverage.

A Twitch streamer that goes by the online handle Rishella posted a tweet at the weekend which was a screenshot of a PR email for upcoming indie game Lone McLonegan.

Pro tip if you want someone to try ur game maybe don’t ask them for NUDES?” the streamer said on Twitter.

The part of the email in question reads: “We would love it if you could try it out before and as a favor, if you could give us a little review/stream/tweet/TikTok-dance/send-nudes/acute-sneeze wherever you fix better with your time and and target

an apology was issued

After this, other streamers also posted on Twitter that they had received the same email. GameByte also received the email. As the story spread, Flynn’s Arcade issued a public statement:

I would like to express my deepest apologies for the press release sent out this past day. I accept all the responsibility and anger provoked towards me. I only ask not to link @LoneMcLonegan studio in this. They have nothing to do with the campaign sent. I’m truly sorry.

Although many have been quick to say “It’s just a joke,” remember that jokes are supposed to be funny. Asking a streamer to play and review your game and including a ‘send nudes’ message is extremely unprofessional. Anyone who had spent more than a minute proofing the email could have seen it should not have been sent out. Hopefully whoever sent that email will think twice before including a comment like this in the future.

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Featured Image Credit: Flynn’s Arcade