Food Network Challenge’s Pokémon Episode Is Impressive Yet Terrifying

Cakes and Pokémon? Is there a better combination?

Credit: Food Network Challenge

If you’re a fan of Pokémon and baking shows, then a recent episode of Food Network Challenge might just be your slice of cake. The new ep saw four contestants challenged with baking Pokémon themed cakes and though some of the results were awesome, some were perhaps…the stuff of nightmares. Regardless, I doubt that I could do any better, so who am I to judge?

Credit: Food Network Challenge

The episode is split into four rounds, with the contestants competing against one another and the winners decided by a panel of experts. Just like in your favourite battle royale, it goes until there is just one last baker standing. 

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The first round gave us an edible Mudkip creation that impressively squirted water, as well as Sobble, a starter Pokémon from the newly-released Pokémon Sword and Shield. 

Credit: Food Network Challenge

We also got an angry looking Pikachu, as well as a Chikorita and Litten, the two latter both looking a little worse for wear.  We also got a great looking Squirtle, along with a Bulbasaur that spat leaves, which was very impressive indeed.

However, for me personally, I had to choose Mudkip and Sobble as my favourites.  But do let us know what you think of these Pokémon cake creations and have you watched this episode of the Food Network Challenge?


Credit: Food Network Challenge

Speaking of terrifying Pokémon consumables, let us never forget the Eevee cake incident that went viral last year.

Twitter user nyannyannyai shared a clip of their family celebrating the birthday of their young son, who they surprised with an adorable ice cream cake shaped like Pokémon’s Eevee.

What should have been a wholesome and memorable moment for the whole family quickly soured as the cake was being cut, with the young boy apparently panicking and bursting into tears as the side of Eevee’s getting hacked to bits. Maybe the cake was just a little too realistic for him. Poor kid!

Credit: Twitter/nyannyannyai

In case you missed this absolute gem of an episode, you can check it out on the Food Network website right here (US only, sorry!)

Featured Image Credit: Food Network Challenge

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