Fortnite Adds Legendary Port-A-Fort That’s Bigger Than The Original 

Fortnite’s newest item has been unveiled and it’s sure to mix-up the game in some unexpected ways. 

The Port-A-Fortress has officially been announced, and it’s believed to be available from 18th September 2018 (or if not, it’ll definitely be released before the end of Season Five…hopefully). 

The item’s in-game description reads: “toss down the Port-a-Fortress and take defence to new heights,” and it’s thought to therefore be a bigger version of the Port-A-Fort. 

Just like the Port-A-Fort, the Port-A-Fortress will provide instant cover for those under fire, but it’s expected to be a lot more of a durable build than the former. 

Of course, the item’s believed to be of the Legendary variant, so don’t worry – it’s still going to be pretty rare to find in the game. 

In other Fortnite news it seems Epic Games are getting pretty creative and generous with their new Skirmish prizes.

According to a recent post on the Epic Games website, $10 million will be given away over a six week period, and the best part? Anyone can sign up!  

Places will be on a first-come first-served basis, so literally anyone can be in with a chance to win some money playing Fortnite – as long as you act fast!  

There’s not yet any information on when you can pre-register, but the post confirms: “We’re kicking off our Fall Skirmish next weekend awarding $10,000,000 in prize money across a 6-week series concluding at Twitchcon, October 26-28. 

“The new approach for Fall Skirmish will include both Competitive and Entertainment play formats. We’re looking to incorporate some of these new formats into our large-scale events in 2019.   

“During Fall Skirmish, players will proudly represent themed teams and earn points based on their performances in both play formats. Each week will pose new challenges like white-knuckle ATK races, masterful golf outings, mini-games, and of course high skill competition every weekend.”  

The first week’s team announcements and format will be revealed next week, with more details coming out on the road to Twitchcon.