Fortnite Fans Petition To Change Name Of Skins To ‘Foreskins’ 

Whether you love or hate the gaming phenomenon that is Fortnite, you can’t say their fanbase isn’t a dedicated (and hilarious) one. 

Last month we saw Fornite players petition through for Epic Games to add the ability to thank the battle bus driver for his/her kind services before dropping into the map, but now we’ve got something even stranger. 

Over 3000 Fortnite fans have signed a new petition hoping to change the name of the in-game cosmetic skins to ‘Foreskins.’ 

That’s right. Foreskins. 

In just five days the petition is over halfway to its goal of 5000 signatures, and the reasons why people are signing are just as hilarious as the campaign itself.

A user by the name of Donald Trump wrote: “This is a marketing gold mine that would help the US economy. Apple could have called their chargers Apple Juice but didn’t, don’t make the same mistake they did.” 

(Wow we hope this isn’t actually the President of the United States…)  

Another petitioner added: “That would make fortnut skins grammatially correct.” 

It looks like quite a few of the petitioners for the Foreskin campaign are just out to show some hate for Epic Games’ epic free-to-play shooter, but if we do get Foreskins in an upcoming patch for the game then we’ll probably be emoting all the way home. 

If you’re interested in making the dream a reality, you can contribute your signature to the petition right here. 

Do you want to be picking up the latest Foreskins in Fortnite, or are you happy with your skins are they are…? 

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If you missed the last big Fortnite petition you can check it out here. There’s still no word from the big dogs at Epic on whether or not we’ll actually be getting the ability to thank the bus driver, but it sure it a lot more polite!