Fortnite Is Set To Get Golf Kart Cosmetics – Including Llama Design

If you feel your Fortnite set-up isn’t as unique as it could be then it appears that Epic Games have heard your frustration. 

Sifting through the files of the most recent update, a Twitter user/master Fortnite leaker came across something in the data that they thought was worth sharing. 

Yep, the user found the following coding: “Items/Cosmetics/VehicleDecoration,” as seen in the tweet below. 

Even more interesting, it looks as though a Llama Mesh asset might be coming as well if the data is to be believed, and who wouldn’t want their golf kart to look like one of the game’s iconic llamas?!

Hardly a day goes by where Fortnite fans haven’t found something exciting tucked away in update files and patches, and this latest discovery is just another to add to the ever-growing list of upcoming additions to the game. 

Players have been speculating on the recently broken story about the supposed ‘Day of Hoe Event,’ another strange coding clue discovered by data miners. 

Other updates and additions that have been found include a mysterious pool floaty (or is it a tyre? We really don’t know anymore), and the exciting ability to give gifts purchased in-game to friends of your choice. 

Right now we’re still at the height of Fortnite hype, and Epic Games doesn’t seem to be shying away from doling out the new content and changes. 

We’ve only just gotten our teeth into the season five update, and now it looks like even more goodies are on the way.

Even if the Day of Hoe Event isn’t related to the game’s birthday, you can probably make a safe bet on Epic planning something…well, something epic.

Keep it coming, Fortnite!