Fortnite Player Has Epic Showdown With Their Own Shadow

Fortnite has been enjoying a huge resurgence following the end of the game’s 10th Season, with more and more people logging in to see what all the fuss is about with Fortnite’s Chapter 2.

Although the second phase of Fortnite is seriously impressive, it has come with a whole host of bugs that have caused everything from “smoke monsters” to odd glitches in the game. Although Epic is to blame for a lot of this, for one player not all of the silliness happening in the battle royale is down to the developers.

Credit: Epic Games

As reported by ComicBook, one Fortnite player actually got involved in a pretty intense battle of skill, stealth and wit – before realising their opponent was their own shadow.

Sharing the woeful (and hilarious) tale to Reddit’s r/FortNiteBR forum, a friend of the player posted the following video, captioned with: “Friend had some awful realisation as to who the true enemy was.”

Credit: Reddit/Ashox1996

Check out the video here, or watch it below!

Friend had some awful realisation as to who the true enemy was from r/FortNiteBR

Fortnite’s second phase, complete with a new map, new mechanics and boats, has been impressing everyone so far, but it’s the end of the tenth Season that’s still on everyone’s minds.

Epic Games’ put Fortnite to bed with a black hole swallowing the map before the game went offline for a few hours. The black hole absolutely took over social media, with even Lady Gaga asking about what had happened.

Credit: Epic Games

More than six million people tuned in to watch the event unfold live, which is more than the population of New Zealand.

Around four millions of those views came from YouTube alone, with Twitch not too far behind.

The phenomenon saw Fortnite trending on social media sites all over the place, and even Reddit reportedly struggled with the influx of posts regarding the event.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games