*Loads Apex Legends*

Fortnite Players Think Epic Games Messed Up With Latest Weapon

Epic Games’ Fortnite is falling out of favour thanks to newcomer battle royale, Apex Legends. Despite some healthy competition often bringing out the best in a company, it seems that Epic Games may have messed up with the addition of Fortnite‘s newest weapon.

Credit: Epic Games

The new gun, known as the Flintlock Pistol, has been causing controversy on Reddit with players trying to figure out whether its suffering from a glitch, or whether it’s actually a very savvy weapon to use to avoid taking fall damage.

A Redditor named zacpp0044 shared a clip with the caption: “New gun allows you to take no fall damage from any height! what do you guys think about this?”


The video sparked a huge debate within the Fortnite community, will lots of players bashing Epic for the glitch, while other are praising the move as a new game mechanic.

Credit: Epic Games
One user responded to the post saying: “They are exploiting the intended behavior. This isn’t a bug, it’s working as designed. They may not have anticipated the consequences of the design.”

Another commented suggesting it’s a mistake, commenting: “The knockback [of the gun] was purposefully added. All the effects of that knockback may not have been realized when it was implemented. If the ability to cancel fall damage was intentional, it wasn’t a glitch. If it’s not intentional, it’s a glitch.

“It looks like it’s more a result of a half-baked physics system controlling the knockback, but I don’t know how much the gun is supposed to push you back if you’re standing still.”

Credit: Epic Games

“The knock back from the gun is meant to push you,” responded another Fortnite fan. “So people are just using their noggins to beat others. As for the fall damage, it’s just a feature at this point, it slows the descent and makes you take no fall damage.”

What do you think? Did Epic Games design the pistol to work this way, or is this completely unintentional?



Featured Image Credit: Epic Games