Lucasfilm Games Has Been Restarted By Disney

Once upon a time we actually had some decent Star Wars games, and it was all thanks to Lucasfilm Games and its successor, LucasArts, which closed its doors in 2013 (RIP).

If the names aren’t too familiar to you, you *might* have played a little game called Knights of the Old Republic as a kid. Ringing any bells? Yeah, that gem came courtesy of LucasArts, and we’ve not had another Star Wars game like it since.

Credit: LucasArts

In some very surprising news, it seems as though Disney – who now owns the Star Wars IP – is looking to revive to Lucasfilm Games. PCGamesN discovered job listings on the Disney Careers site, and it looks like The House of Mouse is cooking up something verrrry interesting.

The website is advertising no less than “86 ‘LUCASFILM GAMES’ JOBS,” including producers, animation engineers, creative assistants and legal help.

Credit: LucasArts

The mystery deepens over on Linkedin, where Disney is also looking for Lucasfilm Games designers.

It’s a difficult time for Star Wars games right now. EA currently has the rights to them, but people aren’t exactly thrilled with EA’s handling of the beloved IP.

From the disasters that were Battlefront 1 and 2 to the recent cancellation of the highly-anticipated narrative-driven Star Wars project, people really aren’t pleased with EA.

Credit: EA/Disney

People have been calling for EA to be stripped of its rights to the franchise. Could the revival of Lucasfilm Games be related to the players’ outcry?

Featured Image Credit: LucasArts

[Source: PCGamesN]