Fortnite-Playing Kids Now Use The Term ‘Default’ As An Insult

Everyone knows that Epic Games’ Fortnite now has a huge (like, really huge) number of players who are…well, children.

Last year, Fortnite became the It-game to play for teens and pre-teens, with lots of families seeing their children become addicted to the game, face online bullying when playing, or even fall under pressure to purchase the latest skins or cosmetics.

Credit: Epic Games

It seems the trend of younger players isn’t about to go anywhere anytime soon, and Polygon reports that Fortnite-related bullying might be a much worse problem than we all thought.

According to the investigation by Polygon, kids are now feeling the pressure of having bought in-game cosmetics more than ever, because apparently if you have a better skin than everyone else, you’ll play better than everyone else? Kid logic, I suppose.

Credit: Epic Games

Anyway, those who might not have parted with their (parents’) money to look the snazziest amongst their peers are now being dubbed ‘Defaults.’

Although there’s worse things to call someone, it’s not very nice to be called a Default just because you don’t want to pay for Fortnite cosmetics.

On Twitter, some people are asking Epic Games to make a Default Day for the game’s Season Nine, so that everyone can be equal without “skin shaming.”

Fortnite has been rated as suitable for those of age 12 and older, yet it has a huge number of players who are much younger than the recommended age.

Credit: Epic Games

With more and more children in schools getting bullied for either not participating, or not spending money on the game and its optional extras, it might be time for Epic Games to step in and act. Wasn’t Apex Legends supposed to bring an end to all this?!

What do you think about the news?

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games