Fortnite Reportedly Puts 80 Million Gamers At Risk

We all know by now that Fortnite is one of the biggest games of all time. Available on basically anything that has a screen, completely possible to play free of charge, and with regular updates and new features, it’s easy to see why the game has totally blown up.

However, the game has seen its fair share of controversy, from being addictive to children, to being a breeding ground for online predators.

Credit: Epic Games


Fortnite is in the limelight once again thanks to a range of vulnerabilities that have been discovered, and which could be putting up to 80 million players at risk.

Researchers at Check Point [via Forbes] have been busy testing the game, and they’ve discovered three flaws with potentially huge consequences for players.

According to the report, these flaws could allow hackers to use your V-Bucks and access your payment details, record conversations and even eavesdrop on conversations you have in your own home. Yikes!

Credit: Epic Games


It’s not the first time Fortnite has been used to scam people, but it’s the first time that something like this is applicable through the game itself, rather than through a fake website or external link.

The Check Point research shows how it’s possible to take “advantage of Epic Games’ use of authentication tokens in conjunction with single sign-on (SSO) providers such as Facebook, Google, X-Box and others that are built in to Fortnite’s user login process.”

Check Point has made a handy video which shows you just how one of the scams works, and it’s pretty clever. Check it out below, and be wary of messages you receive in the game…

YouTube video

Be careful out there!

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games