People Are Apparently Selling Stolen V-Bucks On The Dark Web

The dark web is known mostly for its anonymity. If you didn’t know, t’s the deep and difficult-to-trace part of the internet that’s home to some of the most illicit markets in the world. Selling anything from guns and drugs to illegal porn, it’s a pretty dangerous place that most law-abiding people avoid like the plague.

One of the most popular things you’ll come across on these marketplaces is gift card scams, where people are selling cheap gift cards for you to purchase. The cards could be for anything from Amazon to pre-paid Visa cards, but they all have one thing in common – they’re bought with stolen credit cards.

Credit: Epic Games


Using a stolen credit card to buy gift cards to then sell online dilutes and “launders” the process enough to make it pretty hard for the original crime to be traced.

What you might not expect to see in these markets is people selling V-Bucks, the in-game currency for Fortnite, but apparently that’s exactly what’s happening.

Credit: Epic Games


The Independent, along with analysts at Sixgill, conducted research into V-Bucks being sold on the dark web, and they came to some pretty solid conclusions.

Benjamin Preminger, senior intelligence analyst at Sixgill told The Independent: “Criminals are executing carding fraud and getting money in and out of the Fortnite system with relative impunity.

Credit: Epic Games


“Threat actors [a malicious person or entity] are scoffing at Epic Games’ weak security measures, saying that the company doesn’t seem to care about players defrauding the system and purchasing discounted V-bucks… This directly touches on the ability of threat actors to launder money through the game.”

Credit: Epic Games


Fortnite has been a target for hackers, scammers and generally bad people for a while now, and it’s unfortunately very common to see people who’ve fallen victim to such practices.

Stay vigilant and stay safe out there!