Fortnite’s ‘Fixed’ Playground Mode Is Completely Bugged

Fortnite fans have eagerly been awaiting the return of the game’s Playground mode. 

Similar to Battle Royale but without the actual battles, Playground mode allows players to craft, explore and even practise their combat skill with friendly-fire and respawning available. 

Playground mode first made an appearance towards the end of Fortnite’s fourth season, but was soon pulled after it was reported to be buggy and unfinished. 

The mode made a return today, but once again it seems like Epic Games’ idea of a Playground isn’t giving fans the best play-time…

Fans of the game have taken to Reddit’s r/FortNiteBR subreddit to vent their frustration at what they’re again saying is a bugged Playground. 

One Reddit user posted: “So I’m playing playgrounds on don’t fill squads and I am partied up by myself. I landed tilted and got killed by a random guy who wasn’t in my lobby or party. Epic did playground break again?” 

Another posted a video (which you can watch below) showing an encounter with another player when in a Solo Playground game…and they weren’t the only one, as other people experiencing the same issue flock to Reddit to vent their frustration. 

YouTube video

The news comes just hours after the item Slurp Juice was disabled from the game after players realised the healing item’s animation bug allowed them full health and boosts, essentially making them unstoppable. 

Maybe Fortnite isn’t yet ready for a non-bugged Playground mode? 

Developer Epic Games is yet to comment on the situation, but it looks like we might see the new and – ahem – improved Playground mode being pulled yet again. 

Fortnite has been celebrating its first birthday this week, with lots of in-game goodies available if you decide to take part in the various birthday challenges. 

Probably the most exciting challenge involves dancing in front of ten birthday cakes. 

Have you tried Playground mode or the birthday challenges yet?