Fortnite’s New Patch Introduces A New Weapon And A Whole New Mode 

Fortnite fans are used to weekly game updates and patches from developer Epic Games but that doesn’t make new announcements any less exciting.  

It’s been revealed that with the new 5.2 patch update comes a whole list of exciting new goodies, the best of which is a brand-spanking-new Limited Time Mode. Hooray! 

Going by the name Steady Storm, the new LTM will see the safe zone circles removed from the map, bringing the storm in without any pause. You’ll have to be really on the ball with watching the storm, and you’ll need to be able to predict where the storm will be coming in. 

Each match will last 15 minutes, and getting caught in the storm will cause 10 damage per second. 

As for weapons, if you’re a fan of shotguns then you’ll be pleased with Epic Games’ new offering. The Double Barrel Shotgun comes along with the new patch, and includes Epic and Legendary versions too. 

Of course, being a shotgun, this is a close-range weapon, but it promises devastating damage if you’re pro enough to wield it. 

It will fire 10 pellets, the same as other shotguns in the game, and damage will fall off heavily the further you are from a target, so you can’t be afraid of getting into the thick of it if you want to make the most of this gun.

The new shotgun will also have a larger spread than others, a 2 second cooldown time when swapping with other weapons, and a low critical damage multiplier of 1.25x. 

The patch is also adding a lot of general bug fixes, including some work on the game’s Vending Machines. They’ll now spawn more often and be cheaper too, with a higher chance of a rarer spawn. 

The patch goes live today (7th August 2018) and you can read the notes in full right here. 

Are you excited for the new updates?