Fortnite’s Rifts Apparently Set To Close Really Soon 

Fortnite is always updating thanks to the devotees at Epic Games, but we usually get a bit of a clue as to any upcoming changes thanks to dataminers, who delve into any patch files to find potential new tidbits and leaks for future updates.

The latest uncovering from dataminers is the discovery that the sky in Fortnite might be about to change, as it seems the rifts are due to close. 

The rifts in the sky first appeared after an in-game rocket launch so we knew they might not stick around forever, but the leaked info suggests they’ll more than likely be closed by the end of this month. 

According to pro dataminers on the Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks Twitter account, it’s likely that the ‘Rift Shrinking’ will end on the 21st August 2018, with transitional stages in the days leading up to it. 

The account tweeted: “Regarding to the [sic] Rift Shrinking on the 21st, That will be the date when the Rift completely disappears. 

“This is what the sky will look like on the 18th. 3 days away from when its [sic] gone.” 

Check out the picture above for yourself. 

The @FNBRLeaks Twitter has uncovered a lot of info that’s almost always turned out to be correct, including the addition of various skins, weapons, modes and challenges. 

The page also released footage of the game’s new sniper rifle, with the weapon’s official description reading: “New Epic and Legendary sniper rifle capable of dealing high damage to structures” – so you can just imagine what one of these bad boys would do to your opponents.  

The user states that the gun does: “157 Damage and destroys ANY object in 1 SHOT!” making this one of the strongest guns in the entire game.  

The gun is available from today (15th August 2018) as a part of the game’s newest patch.

Are you excited for the new changes coming?

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