Fortnite’s Latest Patch Adds Two LTMs And A New Weapon 

After another tough week of waiting, wondering and worrying, the latest patch for Fortnite is finally here, and it’s brought a whole host of goodies for everyone to enjoy. 

The 5.21 patch has landed for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch from today (15th August 2018). 


For Battle Royale fans (i.e everyone) you can now enjoy two brand-new Limited Time Modes, called Sniper Shootout and Soaring 50s. 

Simply put, Sniper Shootout allows for battle using only sniper files, while Soaring 50s mixes up the traditional 50v50 battle with some fun mechanics, including added Bounce Pads and allowing for the re-deployment of gliders. 

Of course, the long-awaited Heavy Sniper Rifle is finally making its appearance, and this gun is definitely not for the faint of heart.  

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges fatal

It boasts the ability to shoot through anything, including trees and walls, and does a whopping 157 points of damage per hit. 

Fortnite’s Save The World has also benefited from some changes, including a new Horde Challenge called ‘Bullet Proof Husks’ as well as general bug fixes. 

Epic Games summarised the best of the updates, saying: “Redeploy your glider and stay mobile in the newest limited time mode, Soaring 50’s.

“Discover the new legendary sniper rifle in Battle Royale and meet Save the World’s newest Constructor, Thora!” 

You can read the full patch notes over on the Epic Games website. 

Speaking of patch notes, dataminers have recently found evidence to suggest the rifts in the sky are going to be closing up sooner than we thought. 

The rifts in the sky first appeared after an in-game rocket launch so we knew they might not stick around forever, but the leaked info suggests they’ll more than likely be closed by the end of this month.  

According to pro dataminers on the Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks Twitter account, it’s likely that the ‘Rift Shrinking’ will end on the 21st August 2018, with transitional stages in the days leading up to it.  

Are you happy with all the changes to Fortnite?

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