Fox News’ Way To ‘Cheat’ At Fortnite Has The Internet In Stitches

Fox News has outdone itself with a recent news segment on the recent Fortnite World Cup and its multi-million dollar cash prizes.

A screenshot of the story has been making the rounds on Twitter thanks to pro Fornite player, SypherPK, and it’s gotten fans p*ssing themselves with laughter.

Credit: Epic Games

As you can see in the tweet below, Fox News attempted to enlighten non-Fortnite players about the game with text that reads: “What is Fortnite.

“Game is free to play but add-ons are available.

“Way to Cheat: Hide in the bushes until the end of the game and you can sometimes win without doing anything.”

If you suddenly see dozens of non-gamers camping out in Fortnite bushes, they’re probably Fox News fans who think they’re about to land a $3 million win…

Naturally this is already becoming a meme thanks to its sheer ridiculousness.

SypherPK followed up his tweet by tagging the $3 million World Cup winner, Bugha, writing: “You got some explaining to do. Did you or did you not use the bush cheating strategy @bugha”

While the Fox News blunder is pretty funny, it’s also pretty offensive to the hardworking esports pros who devote their lives to the game.

One Twitter user criticised: “This is what happens when non gamers talk about games without doing ANY research. Hide in bushes and get wins?? Lmao. Maybe season 1 head*ss.”

Well done, Fox News.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games