Free No Man’s Sky Update Adds Galactic Expeditions & More

No Man’s Sky has gotten another mammoth free update, this time including galactic expeditions and a 4K user interface.

no man's sky pets
Credit: Hello Games

The announcement was made by Hello Games’ Sean Murray on Twitter, and was shared alongside a trailer showcasing the game’s new expeditions. Here’s a list of what you can expect from the latest update:

Galactic Expeditions

Mission Patches

New HUD + 4K UI

Expedition Planner

Visor Tech

Cross-Save Rewards

Sentinel Balance

Perf + Load Optimised

Cross-Platform Naming Merge

Improved Pinning

On-going Seasons

The No Man’s Sky website also delves into the game’s new mode, which features community-based mechanics and gameplay:

“Introducing a whole new game mode: Expeditions. Each of these events starts from a fixed point in the universe, bringing the whole community of travellers together to embark on a shared journey.

“Each expedition is structured around a series of Milestones. Complete these unique exploration goals in any order as you earn rewards, meet up with fellow travellers, and experiment with new ways of playing No Man’s Sky.

no man's sky pets
Credit: Hello Games

“Each Expedition phase is made up of milestones. These challenges, ranging from the simple to the highly challenging, can be completed in any order.

“Milestones are open-ended, and each one is a chance to explore a different aspect of No Man’s Sky. Every completed milestone brings a reward to assist you in your journey.”

The Galactic Expeditions update also comes with a bunch of quality of life improvements, including changes to the game’s UI and HUD.

no man's sky art
Credit: Hello Games

The game’s HUD has been overhauled and given a more modern look and has also been scaled to 4K. Other improvements include designed mission markers and new bespoke markers for planetary items.

No Man’s Sky has come a long way since 2016, so this new update is sure to make the experience almost unrecognisable. More information on the update can be found on the No Man’s Sky Offical site.

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Featured Image Credit: Hello Games