Game Developer Makes A ‘Scrabble’ Battle Royale

The words ‘scrabble battle royale’ probably aren’t the ones you were expecting to read, but Babble Royale is exactly that.

Since their boom in popularity, developers have been scrambling for their unique takes on the battle royale genre. Some have been more successful than others, Fall Guys being one alternate take that has proven to be immensely successful.

So obviously at some point someone had to take scrabble and make it a battle royale. Babble Royale is the latest game from Everybody House Games, best known for the idle game Universal Paperclips. 

Babble Royale sees 16 players face off in the Siberian wilderness. Like in scrabble, you need to form words, but doing so in Babble Royale allows you to move. If you manage to form a word using someone else’s letter, you kill them.

And like in most battle royales, there is a ring (or square in this case) that gets smaller as time moves on. You do still parachute into the arena as well. By no means is this a half-assed attempt at a battle royale. It is an absolutely ridiculous concept for one, and yet it looks like a match made in some kind of weird version of heaven. 

The game is available to download for free on Steam right now. It’s currently in early access, titled Season Zero. Everybody House Games are looking to get feedback to make sure the game works and to improve it where needed.

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Featured Image: Everybody House Games