Final Fantasy 7 Remake Might Be Getting More DLC

Square Enix teased something RED XIII related earlier today on Twitter, ahead of the Final Fantasy VII Remake launch on PC later this week.

The tease doesn’t give too much away, so it’s difficult to distinguish exactly what Square Enix might be teasing here. However, what we do know is that the team tweeted a video featuring RED XIII earlier. Square Enix also created a new page for the character on its website. 

The trailer shows a news report by SNNet News, which covers how an experimental body – Red XIII – escaped from Shin-Ra. The news story is interspersed with clips of Red XIII running around, and trying to attack Hojo at the research facility. Red XIII was not a playable character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. All the footage used in the news story is also from last year’s remake.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Red XIII meets the party while they explore Shinra’s Research Facility. He was not a playable character, but would instead support the party during battles. There are a few moments where he also helped with solving puzzles, but he was most certainly a support character more than anything else.

YouTube video

Square Enix initially responded to the tweet, which Twitter roughly translated to “Stay tuned for more news on the campaign,” but it has since been deleted. The Tweet itself also states that it is not related to any sequels or DLC, so it might be something to market the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Remake on Epic Games Store.

However, Red XIII is technically playable in the remake, as fans have been able to mod the character into the game to get outside of the boundaries. 

Here’s hoping Square Enix drops an update that allows players to take control of Red XIII during battles. Are you planning to pick up Final Fantasy VII Remake this week on PC? Here’s the PC specs


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[Featured Image Credit: Square Enix]