Game Of Thrones Fan Predicts Huge Battle Between Jon And Daenerys

With Game of Thrones season eight FINALLY being underway all kinds of theories on how the final instalment could end are flooding in.

If you’ve somehow not caught up yet, there will be SPOILERS AHEAD.

Obviously in the first episode of the new season, we see Jon and Daenerys pretty happy together, getting along like a house on fire.

That’s all before Jon is hit with the slightly unfortunate news that him and his new bae are actually related. Still though, incest has never been an issue before for the show.

It’s that realisation that has spawned a bold new theory that the pair may not be on the same side come the end of the series.

Reddit user and GoT fan nosefouratto discussed the impact that Jon having a claim to the throne could have on Daenerys, suggesting that after all the way she’s come, she may not be willing to simply step aside.

“How Dany reacts to Jon’s true heritage could be the death knell of their love and alliance,” they wrote.

“If she reacts with anger and calls him a traitor or something to that effect, this will prove everything he has been hearing from all of his loved ones to be true. He will pull away from her, and make a claim on the throne in an effort to save the realm from another monarch who puts power lust in front of all else.”


“I think there may be some kind of inciting event during or right before the battle for Winterfell that will truly sour Jon against Dany enough to go to war or at least to redact his proclamation that she is his Queen.

“I think it may be essential to the believability of Jon waging war against Dany. At that point, he will reluctantly become Aegon Targaryen in earnest, and a military conflict between the two Targaryens may be on the horizon.”

Dany barely enjoyed a warm welcome to Winterfell in the season opener, so the theory isn’t completely unthinkable.

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