Gamer Asks Epic Games To Prank His Fortnite-Loving Dad

Epic Games is known for being very active within its Fortnite community, often asking its fans for their ideas, inputs and (of course) their memes. 

Because of just how invested Epic is in its devoted fanbase, one gamer has reached out via Reddit and asked for a very special (and very funny) favour. 

Posting to the r/FortNiteBR subreddit a user by the name of MoutonMauve explains to the community that he’s tried to bond with his father by getting him into gaming. After a few failed attempts with games his dad just didn’t enjoy, the family was introduced to the joy that is Fortnite. 

Explaining the importance of the game to him, MoutonMauve says: “Me and my brother do not see my father very much since our parents are split up, but because of Fortnite we get to talk more with him. He only lands in Lucky Landing, so we wanted to make him a little prank!” 

Within a week, his dad had purchased himself a PlayStation 4 and PS Plus subscription, and the obsession just snowballed from there. 

MoutonMauve continues: “After that, [dad] started playing with us a couple of nights per week, when he had some time to. Then, he started calling or texting us almost every night to play with him. Now, every night that we have the opportunity to do so, we play with him, which is a really great way to keep in touch with him while having tons of fun doing something that the three of us enjoy.” 

In what’s a pretty lengthy (but hilarious) post, MoutonMauve goes on to explain: “Our father was the first one to visit [Lucky Landing] between the three of us after the update, and it instantly became his favorite spot.  

“When we first played with him after the update, he was all happy to show us this new point of interest in the map and how he already knew all the spots in this part of the map. The problem is, it became way too intense, to the point where he does not want to land anywhere else than Lucky Landing. 

“The other thing we like to make fun of is his PS4 name, which is star2000star. We do not know why he chose this, but god we found it so funny at first because of how ridiculous it looks. Of course, again, he knows we make fun of him because of that, but he likes to laugh about it as well and always like the new jokes we make about his name. 

“I would like would be for something to be added in Lucky Landing with his name on it. It could maybe be only a panel with “Home of star2000star” on it, or maybe a grave with “Here lies star2000star, #100 once again” on it, just something to honour him since he likes this place so much.” 

Here’s hoping star2000star and his family get the attention of Epic – we definitely want to see a star2000star plaque at Lucky Landing.