Konami Shuts Down Fan Remake Of P.T

Back in 2014 PlayStation unveiled a free demo for their upcoming horror game. No-one knew anything about it and the mysterious announcement was sort of just…overshadowed. 

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Players who downloaded the demo, named P.T, were treated to what has to be one of the most beautifully detailed, carefully crafted and amazingly designed horror experiences of all time. 

Solving the complex puzzles (like, really complex puzzles) unlocked something no-one expected – the trailer for Silent Hills, a Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus collaboration. 

And thus a legacy was born. 

Unfortunately, Konami ended up shutting down the project entirely, and P.T became the legend that it is today, with people trying to emulate the game’s success into their own fan projects or horror games. 

The style and design of P.T has been echoed in a huge amount of games now, but none have come close to recreate the same experience for players who didn’t get the chance to play P.T. 

That was all about to change thanks to developer Qimsar, who planned to remake the playable teaser in all its glory for PC gamers. 

Writing on GameJolt, the dev said: “As the title of the game suggests, this is a full port/remake (whatever you want to call it) of P.T for PC. Through a little over a month of work, I was able to almost completely accurately bring over everything about the original game over to the Unreal Engine by studying speedruns of the game, regular no-commentary walkthroughs, and through my own copy of it on my PS4.” 

Now this may have been a doomed project from the start, as Konami is keen to quash anything even remotely P.T related, so it’s not too much of a surprise that they got in touch with the 17-year-old developer and got the game pulled. 

Gee, thanks Konami. 

However it’s not all bad news, as Konami was reportedly so impressed with the remake that it’s offering an internship to the creator! 

The dev explained: “From the people that I have spoken to over at Konami, it legitimately seems like it was none of the employee’s faults (from what I understand, everyone over there loved my remake), it was legit just a legal thing that was beyond anybody’s control. However, my remake will not be in vain, for even though Konami had to take down my remake, they are, in my opinion, definitely making up for it.” 

Hopefully we’ll be seeing some excellent games from him in the future. What we saw of the remake looked so spot-on, it’s easy to see why Konami have extended a hand of support. 

You can read the dev’s story in full in his post on GameJolt. 

R.I.P P.T and Silent Hills.