Gamers Angry At Logan Paul For Making A Game Boy Coffee Table

Social media sensation Logan Paul has upset a legion of angry gamers for turning a bunch of Game Boy consoles into a coffee table.

On Boxing Day, Logan Paul shared a video on his Twitter page highlighting the process of using proxy resin, and moulding Game Boy consoles into a shiny Pokemon frame. In total, 15 Game Boy consoles were used, some of which are very rare.

So why are some gamers angry?

game boy color
Credit: Nintendo/Unsplash/@eli_j

From what I can tell on social media, it’s the fact that some of these Game Boy consoles are very rare. To be fair, the fact that a Game Boy console is retro and highly collectable, if you get hold of one, they maintain a decent seller value.

In the coffee table, there are some transparent and Pokemon systems, as well as NES styled consoles and more. Logan Paul then shared a video of the finished product, complete with built-in colour-changing LED lights.

However, much of the internet isn’t best pleased with Logan Paul’s custom coffee table.

Personally, I can see why some gamers would be upset about seeing a collection of rare Game Boy consoles made obsolete and turned into a coffee table. At this time, Logan Paul has confirmed whether each system is working or non-functional. Hopefully, it will be a case of the latter.

Some were impressed with the custom-made coffee table.

That said, Logan Paul has money to burn and a taste for rare gaming goods. Furthermore, putting aside as to whether working Game Boys were used or not, I think the table looks quite cool.

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Featured Image Credit: Logan Paul