Gamers Can’t Decide What Colour Nintendo’s New Switch Lite Is

Nintendo inadvertently sparked an internet civil war yesterday after announcing a new blue Nintendo Switch Lite, with gamers being unable to agree that it really is blue. While you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, some of you will be shouting at your screens, insisting that the console is purple.

Announced via Nintendo’s official Twitter account, the blue Switch Lite is admittedly gorgeous. It’s still the same Switch Lite we all know and love, only it sports a vibrant new colour.

As for what colour that is, well, you can either take Nintendo’s word for it that it’s blue, or you can use it as an excuse to talk about the Nintendo GameCube, which comes in a vibrant purple (the latter pleases me).

While the newly-announced Switch’s choice of colour scheme is close to the GameCube’s pleasing purple shades, it’s not an exact match.

It’s important to remember that old consoles become less vibrant over time, meaning some purple GameCube consoles will look closer to “blue” due to their age. 

Arguably, the new Switch’s colour is closer to indigo than a classic blue or purple. However, the colour you’re seeing could be down to a variety of factors, which can differ from person to person.

For example, while the Switch might be evidently blue in person, it may look completely different replicated on a digital screen. This is where screen colour accuracy and calibration come into play, as some screens will be able to reproduce colours better than others. 

Let’s be honest, the internet at large will likely never agree on the colour of this Switch. However, at least the situation has got people talking about the Nintendo GameCube again. If Nintendo really wants to grab my attention, it’ll make a Nintendo Switch Lite based on the Japanese exclusive “Spiced Orange” GameCube (bonus points if they give it a handle). 

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo