PS5 Is The Fastest-Selling Console In US History

According to reports, the PS5 is now the fastest-selling game console in US history. Congratulations, Sony!

A photo of the PlayStation 5 with a Sonic the Hedgehog figure holding the DualSense controller.
Credit: GameByte

Mat Piscatella, Executive Director and Video Game Industry Advisor for the NPD Group, revealed the numbers via his Twitter account.

In terms of overall spending, across hardware, accessories, and content as of February 2021, the video game market increased by 35 per cent.

Year-on-year, the total spending has reached an impressive $9.3 billion, which amounts to being 39 per cent higher than the same period of time during 2020.

In a series of follow-up tweets, Piscatella also revealed that the PlayStation 5 is the second best-selling console for February 2021, for both unit sales and dollars. 

It was also in this same tweet that the analyst revealed that the PS5 is the fastest-selling console in US history in terms of total dollar sales over a four-month period since its launch.

However, you may have noticed above that it was stated that the PlayStation 5 is the “second best-selling console for February 2021,” well that is because the Nintendo Switch has claimed the top spot.

According to Piscatella, the Nintendo Switch was not only the best-selling platform in terms of unit sales and dollars for February 2021, but it’s the best-selling console for Nintendo ever since the Wii.

The good news doesn’t stop there for Nintendo, because in terms of total lifetime dollar sales the Nintendo Switch has now exceeded the Nintendo DS. This means that the Switch is Nintendo’s second best-selling console in the US, behind the Wii.

However, when a fan asked about sale numbers in relation to the Xbox Series X|S, Piscatella simply replied: “Completely sold out and facing severe supply constraints.

While these details are vague, it doesn’t mean that the Xbox Series X|S hasn’t sold well, because it has. Perhaps it’s just a case of current numbers not being easily obtainable.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony