Gamers Who Met On Club Penguin 10 Years Ago Just Got Married

The immensely popular MMO Club Penguin may be long gone (rest in peace) but it still lives on in the hearts of its many, many players. Two Club Penguin fans in particular will never forget the social networking site, because it enabled them to find true love.

Sharing the wholesome news on Reddit, one ex-Penguin shared a wholesome snap of himself and his partner along with the title: “Me and the girl I met on Club Penguin 10 years ago just got married!”

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The site, which was aimed at children, used many different blockers to stop penguins from interacting in real life, but there were lots of ways to get around them if you were creative enough.

One Redditor commented on the post, revealing: “Actually when club penguin first came out, you were able to type numbers and not much was filtered. So chances they could of met when club penguin first came out and exchanged numbers.”

Another said: “Most people used Xat or Twitter to talk to each other and meet up on Club Penguin – chances are they met through a Xat chatroom (as this was how you could track down the famous penguins to meet) and then just played ingame together. Either that or they used puffle beds to spell out words.

“Source: was a very active member of the Club Penguin community”

The wholesome AF post has nearly 100 thousand upvotes at the time of writing, proving that yes, love really is alive and well (even if your penguin isn’t).

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It’s been nearly two years since Club Penguin closed its igloo doors, but it’s still fondly remembered all across the internet.

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Although the original Club Penguin is gone for good, there are several unofficial replicas out there that will emulate one of the best experiences of your childhood.

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Club Penguin amassed over 200 million players worldwide and will never be forgotten. RIP.




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