Gatekeeper Gostoc | Elden Ring Guide

Many players will be suspicious of Gatekeeper Gostoc in Elden Ring thanks to his overly nice nature considering everything wants to kill them in the Lands Between. Thankfully, these players have good instincts, and Gatekeeper Gostoc in Elden Ring has a few tricks up his sleeve that will leave players high and dry.

Credit: FromSoftware

About Gatekeeper Gostoc | Elden Ring Guide

Gatekeeper Gostoc is a Merchant NPC in Elden Ring. Towering over players, he just seems like a misunderstood fellow at first glance, but never trust strangers. After opening the main gate of Stormveil Castle, players can purchase the following items from him:

  • Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot (200 runes)
  • Ruin Fragment (100 runes)
  • Furicalling Finger Remedy (1000 runes)
  • Festering Bloody Finger (1000 runes)
  • Stormhawk Feather (500 runes)
  • Caetus (800 runes)
  • Great Arrow (300 runes)
  • Ballista Bolt (300 runes)
  • Buckler (1500 runes)
  • Bandit Garb (1500 runes)
  • Bandit Manchettes (1000 runes)
  • Bandit Boots (1000 runes)

Quest Details: Gatekeeper Gostoc | Elden Ring Guide

When players approach the Stormveil Castle Entrance, Gatekeeper Gostoc will be waiting to advise players that the main gate is heavily guarded and to not use it. After players choose either the main gate or the secret entrance, Gostoc will let players get on with it.


The thing is, Gatekeeper Gostoc is a tea leaf, taking 30% of a player’s runes every time they die, which is a lot in Elden Ring. On a player’s first playthrough of Stormveil Castle, Gostoc will appear in the following locations:

  • Ruined watchtower whilst traversing the side path
  • Inside the Rampart Tower
  • Castle Chapel roof above Sorcerer Rogier

Players should speak to him at one of these locations as it will result in Gatekeeper Gostoc giving players a Grace Mimic. Next, players should make sure they are healed and ready as they enter the darkroom with a Rusty Key as they will be locked in with a Banished Knight. Guess by who?

Credit: FromSoftware

Should You Kill Him? Gatekeeper Gostoc | Elden Ring Guide

After defeating Godrick, Gostoc will move from the gate to the boss room and begin stamping on his corpse. This will also stop Gostoc from being a merchant, but players can kill him to gain the following items:

  • Gostoc’s Bell Bearing
  • Silver Pickled Fowl Foot
  • Glass Shard

Gostoc’s Bell Bearing can then be taken to the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold to unlock Gostocs merchants’ items for them to sell to you. Whilst there are benefits to killing Gostoc, it’s worth noting that any stollen Runes can only be recovered by killing him before the boss fight with Godrick.


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