Genius Overwatch Game Mode Recreates Avengers Endgame

The whole world has swooned over the recently-released end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (sort of), Avengers Endgame.

Not only has the movie absolutely blown up the worldwide box office with a ridiculous amount of money made, but it’s also become THE movie of 2019 (and probably even of the last 10 years).

Avengers in Overwatch
Credit: Marvel/Disney

Naturally, the huge amount of love for Endgame has started seeping into the world of gaming, and no I’m not talking about Fortnite.

One Overwatch player/Reddit user by the name of u/kaiomm has been hard at work recreating the cinematic masterpiece in the beloved Blizzard game, and it’s honestly really something special [via Dexerto].

The game’s Workshop feature – which allows players to create their own custom games and heroes – has been instrumental in the creation of Endgame, though Workshop is only available on the Public Test Realm right now.

Avengers in Overwatch
Credit: Blizzard

Kaiomm‘s game mode has players engage in their very own Infinity War, where six Infinity Stones must be collected from around the map. Of course, each stone offers a different power, such as increased movement speed, reduced damage taken or reduced personal gravity.

The first player to collect all six stones (and hold them for 30 seconds) wins the match. Players can be killed to steal their stones, and once you have all six you’re completely visible on the map, making that 30 seconds really, really important.

Hold the stones for the 30 seconds, and you’ll “snap” and win the game.

Seriously, this could very well be the most fun you can have in Overwatch right now – especially if you loved Avengers Endgame!

Avengers in Overwatch
Credit: Blizzard

If you want to try out this insane game mode, you can do so using the share code PJTY1 (thanks, Dexerto!).

If you give Avengers in Overwatch a go, let us know.

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard