Genshin Impact developer’s new game releases this week

Genshin Impact developer Hoyoverse has revealed that its next game Honkai: Star Rail will launch later this week. 

As the follow up to Honkai Impact 3, Honkai: Star Rail is a sci-fi RPG set across the galaxy. Despite being a follow up to a series, Star Rail will feature all new characters as well as alternative versions of existing characters. Explore distant worlds, team up with allies and battle with tactical combat.

Gameplay teaser of the upcoming Honkai: Star Rail by the developers of Genshin Impact
Credit: ONE Esports

Available to download now

Not only does Honkai: Star Rail release for free on April 26, it is now available to download ahead of launch.

Pre-installs of the game launched yesterday meaning players can grab it on both PC and iOS and Android platforms. PC players can download it via Star Rail’s official website whereas mobile users can download it through their phone’s app store.

However, as this is just a pre-install, you still won’t be able to play until the game launches this Wednesday. Despite that, the Apple App Store charts still list Honkai: Star Rail as its second most popular game. 

Genshin Impact Style Characters

To celebrate the pre-launch, Hoyoverse has released a trailer for one of the game’s available characters, Seele. With the ability to wield a scythe whilst showing off a five-star rarity rating, she’s going to be a rare find. 

YouTube video

Like Genshin Impact, you can unlock characters through random rolls which can be bought using the in-game currency, Stellar Jade. Playable characters can be found all across the universe via different areas. You can already see some of the roster here.

Finally, a Honkai: Star Rail Launch Show will air on April 26 on Youtube. It will kick off at 9:30AM (UTC +8) and will feature a chat with developers in celebration of the game’s launch.

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