Get Exclusive VPN Benefits Using Surfshark VPN

For premium levels of online protection, control of your personal information, and access to faster broadband that VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) can offer you, there are a lot of choices out there. With Surfshark VPN however, you’ll get an unrivalled selection of exclusive benefits that will give you the ultimate value for money. 

You can currently buy a 27-month Surfshark VPN plan for just £43.99 – an exclusive, limited-time deal at the GameByte Shop. 

Surfshark VPN – Use on Unlimited Devices

With one subscription, Surfshark allows you to utilise its VPN protection on all of your devices. Compared to other services that let you use their service on a limited number of devices, Surfshark’s plan is completely unlimited

surfshark vpn unlimited devices
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By installing Surfshark VPN on your router, your whole household will be able to securely watch streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime on your smart TV, scroll through Twitter and Reddit, and play games online – all simultaneously and without worry. 

Surfshark VPN – Boost Your Streaming and Gaming Speed

At certain times, when you’re carrying out online activities that require high bandwidth, like online gaming or streaming, internet providers may deliberately slow down your broadband speed. This is known as internet throttling or bandwidth throttling. 

surfshark vpn streaming
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While internet throttling can be used to combat network congestion during peak hours, this can also be done by ISPs to save costs for all of the data being used. What’s more, these slower speeds can also be utilised as an incentive to make you upgrade to the next premium package. 


Surfshark VPN, however, encrypts your internet activity entirely. So, since your ISP won’t be able to tell when you’re trying to use Netflix or have an online gaming session, your broadband speed will remain untouched. 

Surfshark VPN – Saving You Time and Money

Furthermore, Surfshark VPN will boost your browsing speed and save you money by blocking adware and malware. Ads, pop-ups, and banners eat up extra bandwidth, taking more time to load and making you spend more money if you’re using mobile data. In addition, many of these websites may be infected with malware, which will leave your devices vulnerable to hacking. 

Credit: Surfshark VPN

With the cookie pop-up blocker enabled, Surfshark VPN will automatically reject all cookies possible. With necessary cookies, which some sites require, Surfshark VPN will merely accept those automatically. Whichever way, you’ll never be bombarded with cookie consent pop-ups again. 


Where Can I Buy Surfshark VPN?

You can buy a 2-year Surfshark VPN plan for just £43.99 at the GameByte Shop. What’s more, as part of a 4-week exclusive deal, you’ll also receive an extra 3 months free of charge. So, that’s 27 months for the price of 24!

surfshark vpn 2 year plan
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Want to know more about what a VPN can do for you? Find out how you can also protect yourself on public Wi-Fi with Surfshark VPN, or stop your personal data from getting leaked, or further information about how Surfshark VPN can speed up your streaming and gaming

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