Ghost Of Tsushima Has Finally Gotten A Release Date

The upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima, has finally gotten a release date.

Despite rumours that it might be getting pushed back to the PlayStation 5, the game has been revealed to be launching this generation: on June 26th, 2020.

Credit: Sony

In a blog post announcing the news, Sony writes: “Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PS4 on June 26! It is so exciting to finally be able to announce our release date, and even better that it’s just a few months away. We can’t wait to share the world we’ve created!

“Today we revealed a brand-new trailer that showcases our hero, Jin Sakai. In the past, we’ve shown the world around Jin, but this time we wanted to give you a taste of the people he meets along his journey and the scale of the threat that forces him to transform into a new kind of warrior. While you’ll catch glimpses of several of Jin’s allies and enemies in today’s trailer, there are two we want to focus on in particular.”

Credit: Sony

A number of special editions and collector’s editions have also been revealed.

Check out the blog in full right here.

Watch the trailer below!

Featured Image Credit: Sony