Ghost of Tsushima’s Release ‘Pushed Back By Sony’

It’s been a tough 48 hours for video game fans as a number of big games have been delayed. The Last of Us Part 2, Watch Dogs: Legion and Gods & Monsters have all been pushed back from their initial launch dates, and it seems they’re not the only ones.

Kotaku top dog and industry insider Jason Schreier took to Twitter to share the info that PlayStation exclusive Ghost of Tsushima will also be launching later than expected, despite the game not even having a public release date.

Credit: Sony

After sharing the rumour that The Last of Us 2 would be delayed ahead of Naughty Dog’s confirmation, Schreier said: “BTW, Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t have a public release date yet, but it’ll also be bumped later into 2020 to account for this delay. Don’t expect them to suddenly turn it into a PS5 game or anything, but it was originally planned for the first half of the year – not anymore.”

As always, take the info with a pinch of salt until we hear confirmation from Sony.

It’s pretty sad news for players and potentially for the game, as it may struggle to make sales against the PlayStation 5 which is due to launch during the holiday period, 2020.

Credit: Sony

Although we may have to wait longer, it’s hopefully going to be worth it! From what the public’s seen of the game so far, it’s looking like one of the most beautiful games that the PlayStation has ever seen, offering up gorgeous graphics and jaw-dropping scenery, along with impressive combat in a rich and colourful world.

The President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida, is just as blown away by the game as we all are, admitting he can’t stop admiring the game.

Credit: Sony

During an interview with Famtisu [via ThePlayStationBrahs], Yoshida said: “Ghost of Tsushima is also great. I’m overwhelmed by graphics. When I play with it, it is so beautiful that my hands stop. There are many scenes that make Japanese scenery [many] times more beautiful.”

Featured Image Credit: Sony