Ghostwire Tokyo: Torii Gates Explained

Torii Gates in Ghostwire: Tokyo, much like the now possessed city of Shibuya, is grounded in reality and draw inspiration from actual locations and Japanese tradition. Similar to the positioning in-game, Torii gates can be found at the entrance or within a Shinto shrine.

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Torii Gates Ghostwire: Tokyo

What Are They? Torii Gates In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Marking the transition of everyday life to a sacred plane is a common theme in Ghostwire: Tokyo, with Akito defying death thanks to KK, a newly anointed poltergeist possessing his body. Traditionally made from wood or stone, Torii gates are usually painted vermilion with a black upper Lintel /roof. 

They can also be gifted in miniature form as a sign of achievement. A good example of this would be the Fushimi Inari-Taisha, the head shrine of the Kami (God) Inari. Located in Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto, Japan, Inari was originally the Kami of rice and agriculture, but modern businesses worship Inari as the ‘patron of business’. For this reason, there are about a thousand Torii at the shrine donated by Kyoto businesses.

Torii Gates Ghostwire: Tokyo

Torii Gates In Ghostwire: Tokyo Explained

The Torii Gates in Ghostwire: Tokyo, unfortunately, have a more sinister purpose thanks to being taken over by evil spirits, although they do provide a solution to the spirit-destroying fog that is enveloping the city.

Much like Ubisoft towers that unlock areas and map them out, Torii Gates in Ghostwire: Tokyo can be cleansed by players once its boss has been defeated, which also clears the deadly fog from the surrounding area. 

The general rule of thumb with Torii Gates is the bigger it is, the bigger the enemy, so it’s wise to make sure players have enough consumables and some good abilities before taking on bigger gates.


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