Ghostwire Tokyo: Katashiro Spirits Explained

Katashiro Spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo are a big part of the overall gameplay loop and one of the main collectibles in-game. Players will spend the majority of their time in Ghostwire: Tokyo using paper spirit tags named Katashiro to absorb innocent spirits in order to pull them back from the spectral plane and back into their bodies. 

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Katashiro Spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo

How Katashiro Spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo Work

Players will find out within the first two chapters all about Katashiro Spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo. After players find their first Shrine in Chapter 1, they will also unlock the use of Katashiro. 


These doll-looking spirit tags can be used to absorb a group of spirits ten times before filling up. Players simply need to hold down L2 when they find any blue glowing spirits, rescuing spirits from the dangerous fogs that will eventually devour them.

The thing is, the city of Shibuya is bogged down by soul-stealing fogs, corruption, and a barrier surrounding the city preventing anyone’s escape. Players will need to send these poor spirits out of Shibuya in order to save them, so how is this possible? 

Pay Phones – Katashiro Spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo

KK, the deceased special agent turned poltergeist, has an accomplice waiting for spirits to be sent over to him outside of Shibuya. The phone boxes of Shibuya have been modified to flip open when a certain code is dialled in to absorb souls from Katashiro.


These souls are then sent out of the city and to the contact to reform them back into the living realm, cool right? Users will also receive some cash and XP depending on how many souls are turned in. 

Payphones can be found all over Shibuya, players are best off hunting them down to make sure they can offload spirits to unlock more abilities and build up their savings for buying supplies.


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