Glaceon Pokemon Unite | How to get it for free

The Glaceon Pokemon Unite addition is the latest recruit joining the ever-growing Pokemon Unite roster. This frosty ranged attacker is the third Eeveelution to join the battle, flanked by ranged attacker Sylveon and ranged attacker Espeon.

As part of the first-year anniversary celebrations, players can obtain Glaceon’s Unite Licence immediately by exchanging 786 Aeos gems, down from 925. Pricey, yes, but did I mention it comes with a dashing Orange or Purple Unite Style Holowear?

Glaceon Holowear sale, Glaceon Pokemon Unite.

Not convinced? Glaceon is also obtainable as an event reward in the Icy Glaceon Pokemon Unite Challenge, which starts on July 21st and ends on August 14th. That’s 25 days for Trainers to grind the missions and unlock the queen of bangs, Glaceon for free!

How To Complete the Icy Glaceon Pokemon Unite Challenge

First, Trainer should go to Events on the right side of the Pokemon Unite home page. Pro tip: Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of clicking on the picture of Glaceon in the top right corner! This will take you to the Aeos gem exchange screen. We’re looking for a real bargain here.

After clicking on Events, navigate down to the Icy Glaceon Challenge under 1st Anniversary – Special Present. Players should now be able to see the daily missions needed to unlock points and earn rewards. After earning 100 points, Players will be able to unlock this Unite Licence.

Icy Glaceon Pokemon Unite Challenge screen

Much like Espeon, Trainers can only purchase Glaceon by using Aeos Gems during the event. If they don’t have the gems, but don’t want to complete the Icy Glaceon Challenge, they will be able to purchase the Unite Licence using Aeos Coins after the event on August 14th. It is rumoured to cost 10,000 Aeos Coins, which would match up with the previous Eevee Unite Licences. However, data miners have suggested that even Pokemon Unite has not managed to escape the cost of living crisis, with new Mon’s costing up to 14,000 Aeos Coins

Featured image credit: The Pokemon Company / Tencent