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You Need To Play God Of War Again

Earlier this month a PS5 patch was released for God of War (2018) and even if you know the game front to back, it’s definitely time to play it again.

God Of War Movie
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

God of War on PS4 was easily one of my favourite games of the generation. It tells the story of a more grizzled Kratos, who has relocated to Scandinavia in the hope of living the quiet life. Oh and he now has a son to look after.

Unfortunately for Kratos, the quiet life was never going to last and before long he has Norse Gods literally knocking on his door for a fight. As fans of this series will know, picking a fight with Kratos isn’t going to end well.

Kratos and Artreus in God of War
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

God of War on PS4 looked and played beautifully, whether on a base or a Pro model. On the base PS4 it ran at a steady 30 frames-per-second at a 1080p resolution.

On PS4 Pro you had the choice of playing God of War in one of two modes. Resolution mode would lock the framerate at 30fps but would boost the resolution to 4K using checkerboard rendering techniques.

Then you had Performance mode, which would leave the resolution at 1080p but would have a super-smooth framerate of 60fps (or at least that was the intention).

image from 2018 god of war
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

While Performance mode was supposed to be a clean 60fps, the framerate wasn’t all that consistent and it would often hover between 40fps to 50fps, which is why I opted to play the game in Resolution mode.

However thanks to a video created and uploaded to the YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits, the advantages of playing God of War on PS5 with the new patch are clear to see. The results are simply stunning. Check it out below.

YouTube video

Prior to the recent PS5 patch, while the game would put out a consistent 60fps, the resolution would be locked at 1080p.

Now thanks to the update, not only can you play God of War at the super-smooth 60fps, but the visuals simultaneously put out at a checkerboard 4K resolution.

Like I said, you definitely need to replay God of War if you have a PS5!

Have you been playing God of War on PS5 with the most recent patch? We’d love to hear your thoughts across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio