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GoldenEye 007 Is So Great It’s Getting A Documentary On Its Greatness

There are some video games that are just GREAT and it doesn’t get much greater than the ever-iconic GoldenEye 007, which released on the Nintendo 64 back in 1997.

The title is often credited as being one of the best first-person shooters of all time, and it still holds a place in the hearts of millions of gamers. To prove just how important this game is, it’s getting its own documentary all about its influence on video games today.

Entitled GoldenEra, the doc is set to drop later this year.

A summary reads: “A documentary film that will explore the story behind the game: how a small team created one of the most influential and widely-enjoyed games in history; the personal stories of the large impact the game had on its fans; how the game’s legacy continues to inspire re-imaginings, fan projects and the broader FPS genre; and, where the GoldenEye team are today and their thoughts on the current gaming landscape.

YouTube video

“Featuring interviews with gaming journalists from IGN, Kotaku and CNET as well as industry experts and developers, GoldenEra celebrates the game that revolutionised the way we play together, in bedrooms, dorm rooms with friends and family around the world.”

Over on Facebook, the documentary’s info continues: “All around the world hackers and modders are recreating the game… musicians compose tributes to the score, speed-runners try to beat it with record precision and content creators devote hours to the game.

Credit: Rare/Nintendo

“And they all do this as if the game was released yesterday. These are the GoldenEye super-fans. Not only has GoldenEye never ceased being a source of entertainment, but it fundamentally changing the course of their lives.

“Dubbed the ‘party in a cartridge’ – it became an institution in dorm rooms and share houses around the world, and would go on to inspire a breadth of fandom and nostalgia rarely seen in gaming history. Ultimately this game is symbolic of a time when people played games together.”

Credit: Rare/Nintendo

As for when the documentary will launch, keep an eye on the GoldenEra official social channels.

Featured Image Credit: Rare/Nintendo