Gran Turismo 7 Day 1 Patch Includes A Massive Download

Gran Turismo 7 has received a mammoth Day 1 patch in preparation for its launch. Which just so happens to be today. YAY!

Update 1.05 is available now and will begin to download the next time you fire up Gran Turismo 7. Unless it was downloaded during the night while your console was in rest mode. The update comes in at 17GB for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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There’s nothing overly spectacular about the Day 1 patch, as it’s more about stability and ironing out a few bugs. The update will also improve online stability, which is vitally important, seeing as Gran Turismo 7 requires an online connection. Unless you’re happy with just playing Arcade mode.

Below are the notes for Gran turismo’s day 1 patch:

  • Online stability improvements.
  • Added network connection adjustments.
  • Addressed various crashes.
  • Fixed random shuttering issues.
  • Addressed audio-related bugs.
  • Other minor fixes.
Gran Turismo 7 Car List
Credit: Sony

In our review of Gran Turismo 7, we said: “While it certainly does a great job of onboarding newcomers warmly, it does so at the risk of boring its more eager fanbase. That makes Gran Turismo 7 a difficult game to recommend unless you love cars and their culture with your whole heart.

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Featured Image Credit: Polyphony Digital