Gran Turismo 7 Future Updates Tease New Cars, Tracks And More

Polyphony Digital has teased that future updates for Gran Turismo 7 will add new cars, tracks, new events and much more.

Gran Turismo 7 launched today for PS4 and PS5. Sony’s iconic racing sim promises to be the most ambitious instalment in the long-running series. Furthermore, according to a recent post on, the game will get bigger and better in the months to come.

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As well as the new cars, tracks and events, we have much more to look forward to in GT7. Because we will also be treated to more customisation, improved online features, and thankfully, new songs for Music Rally.

Here’s what teased for the months to come:

  • New courses
  • New cars
  • More World Circuits events
  • Additional Mission races
  • More Music Rally songs
  • More engine parts to swap
  • New Lobby features
  • New Time Trials for Sport mode
  • Improvements to the penalty algorithm and overall quality of online races

The website post concluded by saying: “We hope you will look forward to the ever-evolving Gran Turismo 7!

Credit: Sony

In our review of Gran Turismo 7, we said: “While it certainly does a great job of onboarding newcomers warmly, it does so at the risk of boring its more eager fanbase. That makes Gran Turismo 7 a difficult game to recommend unless you love cars and their culture with your whole heart.

What new modes and improvements would you like to see in GT7? Personally, I would like to see the game become a little more generous with its in-game currency without being tempted by microtransactions.

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Featured Image Credit: Polyphony Digital