Sea Of Thieves Season 6 Brings In Sea Forts, New Voyages And More

Sea of Thieves has received a preview trailer for Season 6, including mini-raid sea forts, new pirate legend voyages, and more.

The preview trailer for Sea of Thieves Season 6 shows off the brand new sea forts. There will be six of these new forts, where players will be able to battle phantoms and sea fort captains to get the treasure that lies within. Where the larger forts are there to bring players together, the sea forts are designed to be a more personal experience. You can take them on by yourself, or just with your crew, and the challenge is relative to that.

YouTube video

As well as the new sea forts, new pirate legend voyages are being introduced in Season 6. These will be replayable, where players can use new maps to uncover treasures, diving into the ocean to explore shipwrecked graveyards, or exploring haunted islands.  The trailer also showed off a roadmap for the rest of the year, including what players can expect from season six to nine. 

Season 6 will start a new mystery, which will continue up to Season 9. Season 7 will also be bringing in new ways to play and progress. In Season 8, players will get expanded role play and quest types.

Season 9 will bring in new social options for crews. As well as this, each season will introduce three new adventures that players can dig into.

Sea of Thieves Season 6 kicks off March 10, with the subsequent seasons coming over the course of the year.

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Featured Image Credit: Rare