Grandma Finally Beats Zelda: Twilight Princess After 755 Hours

In what’s possibly the most wholesome news of the year, a grandma has gone viral after telling the world she spent 755 hours completing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

The classic Zelda title, which first released back in 2006, has a main quest which can be completed in around 34 hours, with the average 100%-completed playthrough time coming in at around 57 hours [via HowLongToBeat].

Credit: Nintendo

For the grandma of Redditor millerischris though, it took a helluva lot longer. The 755 hours she’s poured into the Nintendo title equates to approximately 31.45 solid days of gameplay – meaning she’s spent more than one solid month of her life solely devoted to Link and Midna’s adventures through the dark and twisted world of Hyrule.

Credit: Reddit/u/millerischris

After sharing an image of his grandma’s success to Reddit, the post has received over 65k of upvotes from appreciative gamers.

The huge wave of support for Grandma and her devotion to Twilight Princess lead original posted millerischris to share some screenshots of conversations he’d had with his grandma during her many, many hours of gaming. Spoiler alert: they are wholesome AF.

Credit: Reddit/u/millerischris

Check out the full set of text messages right here.

In one of the messages, Grandma writes: “I wonder if Nintendo gives prizes for the longest time to complete Twilight Princess. I have fooled around with this for over 500 hours. What do you think?”

Credit: Reddit/u/millerischris

I think she definitely deserves more than a prize from Nintendo! Maybe Grandma needs to find herself as an NPC in the upcoming sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Speaking of Breath of the Wild, let’s not tell Grandma about that game, okay? With an average completionist time of 181 hours, it’s probably best that we keep that one a secret for the time being…

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo